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Assure Child Care Membership

Membership in Assure Child Care offers Family Child Care Providers many benefits.

The following benefits are available to you as a Member:

Group Liability Insurance Policy and Accident Insurance Policy

Licensed Family Child Care Providers in over 40 states and the District of Columbia may purchase Group Accident & Liability Insurance for their in-home child care businesses through Assure Child Care. Become a member and join over 10,000 other Providers who insure their businesses with us. 

Workers Compensation Insurance

If you hire staff for your business and need Workers Compensation Insurance, ACC can help you obtain this coverage.

Online Provider Service Center

Access the Provider Service Center by logging into the secure site to obtain a Certificate of Insurance, review payment history or make changes to your policy. It is available on the internet when you want to view and access the information. No need to wait for the mail to get a Certificate of Insurance. Handle your business matters when the time is right for you. The Online Provider Service Center supports you while you care for the children.

Community Child Care Partnership

To better serve our members, a portion of our fees are used to support and assist state and local child care associations and organizations to address specific needs in their communities. As a member, you may designate which association or organization, participating in the “Community Child Care Partnership” Program you wish to support. Through the Community Partnership funds, Assure Child Care reaches out to the community where you live and work to support local child care efforts.