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General Questions

What date will my insurance policy go into effect?

Coverage may begin the day we receive a complete application and at least the minimum amount of payment. The annual membership must be paid in order to begin coverage.

May I pay off my policy any time if I decide to make installments instead of paying the full premium?

Yes. You must pay at least the minimum amount due by the due date in order to keep a policy in effect. You may pay off the premium any time or pay more with each payment so the policy is paid off earlier.

What is Assure Child Care's Cancellation Policy?

Cancellations are granted on a case by case basis and calculated based on the date of cancellation. Please call Customer Service in order to inquire as to the process and applicable refund.

If I need to add my landlord or an additional insured to my policy is there an additional fee to do so?

No, there is no added cost to add an additional insured to the policy.

Is there coverage if my pet hurts a child in my care?

Yes, if the animal is permitted under licensing regulations and the Provider is following the regulations there is coverage if an animal injures a child.

Are injuries which occur as a result of a swimming pool (above ground and in-ground) covered?

There are no exclusions under the policy for pools. However, coverage is subject to all the terms and conditions stated in the policy.