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Purchasing An Insurance Policy

Why does a Provider who operates a Family Child Care business need accident & liability insurance?

First and foremost, it is important to remember a Provider is operating a business in their home. Children are “in training” and as they grow and develop they fall, or may pinch a finger which needs medical attention. Accidents do occur and insurance provides you with coverage that may help to pay the medical bills. At times, the accidents result in injuries which harm a child and a parent may sue for damages. Protect your business, the children you care for and your own family by purchasing accident and liability insurance.

What is the advantage of a Group Insurance Program like the one available through Assure Child Care?

A Group Liability policy and an Accident policy are available to Members of Assure Child Care. The Program has been developed to include both an Accident policy and a Liability policy for Family Child Care Providers to protect their businesses. The Group Program allows the Provider to select the limits of coverage, and the effective date of your policies. Child Care Providers gain stability as the entire membership of Assure Child Care is part of the group.

Do I need Workers Compensation Insurance if I hire an employee occasionally?

While there are differences from state to state, almost all employers must carry this insurance. It provides benefits to employees who suffer work-related injuries and illnesses. To find out the details of your state's law, contact your Child Care Licensing Specialist and the state department of workers compensation.

What is the difference between an occurrence and a claims made policy?

An “occurrence” policy is best for Family Child Care because it covers claims reported after the policy expires. As long as the incident occurred while a policy was in effect, the coverage is still available to respond to the loss. A “claims made” policy only covers a claim reported during a specified time, usually during the policy term.

Allegations and claims can be made against a Provider years after the injury and after a child has left care or even after a Provider goes out of the business.

To gain the most protection for your Child Care business, purchase an occurrence policy.

The policy which Assure Child Care offers is an “occurrence” policy.

Who is A.M. Best and what does the rating mean?

The liability carrier which Assure Child Care uses, Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company is rated “A++” by A.M. Best which is the highest rating given. The Accident Carriers: StarNet Insurance Company and Berkley Life & Health Insurance Company are both rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best.