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Group Liability Insurance Policy and Accident Policy for Child Care Providers

Assure Child Care working within the Adults & Children’s Risk Purchasing Group, Inc. provides access to a Group Liability Insurance Policy for Family Child Care Providers. Also included is an Accident Policy. Assure Child Care works with the strongest names in the insurance industry: Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company, StarNet Insurance Company and Berkley Life & Health Insurance Company.

Assure Child Care Group Liability Insurance Policy and Accident Policy are available to Licensed Family Child Care Providers in over 40 states and the District of Columbia.

Hays Companies, Inc is the licensed producer for Assure Child Care.

Workers Compensation Insurance

States have varying rules about when an employer must provide workers compensation insurance. Check your day care licensing regulations and your State Department of Workers Compensation office to find out if you need to purchase this coverage.

How do I start coverage?

  • Gather your Child Care License number & effective period
  • Complete & submit the 1 page online application
  • Make payment for Membership & premium
  • Automatically receive Payment Confirmation & Insurance Certificate by email